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How to measure the doors correctly?
What do I have to do to measure the hinge borings correctly?
What is the difference between cup hinge and hinge borings?
What is the size of a hinge boring?
Should I also measure the distance of the hinge boring from the outer edge of the front?
How thick are the kitchendoors24.com doors?
Do the doors have holes for the handles?
If I have to drill the handle holes myself, are templates available?
Do I have to pay attention to anything when I remove the old kitchen doors to attach the new ones?
What material are the doors made of?
What is unique about 3D foil doors?
Can I freely combine the different models, decors and colours from your store or are there restrictions?
How long do the new doors last and are they hard-wearing?
Which care instructions should I follow for the doors?
The doors of my choice have a glass insert. Do I have to be mindful of anything during assembly?
Why do the different models have different prices?
How does the 3D coating work?
How can kitchendoors24.com offer these unbeatable prices?
I made a mistake with my order. What can I do?
Can I also purchase decor foils for self-adhesion/coating at kitchendoors24.com?
I got damaged goods delivered. What should I do now?
How can I pay on kitchendoors24.com?
How much are the shipping costs?
How long does it take from order to delivery?
Is there a warranty on my new doors?
Is there a difference between fronts, panels and infill panels?
Can I also coat the sides of my cupboards?
Is prepayment secure?
I live abroad, can I order from kitchendoors24.com anyway?
Can you estimate the cost of my new kitchen doors?
Is it worth it to renovate my kitchen?
Will you notify me before shipping my doors?
How can I order doors on kitchendoors24.com?
What is the advantage of renovating my kitchen instead of buying a new one?
Is the renovation of my kitchen environmentally friendly?