Plinth panels - the perfect finish


Plinth panels conceal the gap between the cabinet body and the floor. This not only looks nicer but also serves an important purpose: kitchen remains and other dirt cannot get under the kitchen cabinets which makes cleaning your floor easier.

For this reason, plinth panels are often chosen in dark colours as those are less susceptible to dirt. On you can find plinth panels in different colours and designs. For example, you can use contrasting colours for your plinth panels to add a subtle colour effect.

You will find special sealing profiles in our shop so that no moisture gets under the cupboards when wiping. These compensate for unevenness in the floor, for example, tile joints, and are easily mounted to the plinth panel using special clips. This and much more is what we offer for plinth panels:

  • Plinth panels in various colours and designs
  • Milling of ventilation slots in the plinth panel
  • Sealing profiles 
  • Plinth connectors made of aluminium, plastic or direct connections

Of course, besides your doors, you can also order matching plinth panels in our store. Just give us the dimensions and the respective cutting height, and we will send you your new plinth panels ready for installation.