Plinths and pelmets

With cornices and light pelmets you give your kitchen the perfect finish. 

Plinths and pelmets give your kitchen the finishing touch. They lock your cupboards neatly at the top and bottom, ensuring the perfect appearance of your kitchen.

In our store, you can find plinths and pelmets in the matching decor colours, or you can use them to set fine colour accents to the rest of the design. Here you can give your new kitchen its individual touch. Our range of plinths and pelmets includes:

  • Cornices get attached to the top edge of tall cabinets and wall units and "crown" your kitchen.
  • Light pelmets get attached to the lower edge of wall units. You can hide the lighting or electrical cables behind the light pelmets. Indirect lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere and provides sufficient brightness for cooking.