Delivery and shipping conditions

1.1 We delivery exclusively in Germany.

1.2 Delivery dates for the goods ordered by the customer stated by the seller in the order confirmation shall commence on the date of receipt of payment.

1.3 In principle, the Seller reserves the right to make partial deliveries as long as this is reasonable from the Buyer's perspective. The Seller agrees to inform the Buyer of any non-availability of products.

1.4 Each delivery is delivered via kerbside delivery and is insured.

1.5 At the request of the buyer, the driver may inform the customer of the delivery by telephone shortly before arrival.

1.6 In the case of a failed first delivery, each further delivery attempt is charged with 30,-- €.

1.7 At the request of the customer, advance notification by phone is available for a € 10 surcharge.

1.8 Prior to packaging, the goods are carefully inspected. The seller guarantees that the sold goods are free of material and manufacturing defects at the time of the transfer of risk. The seller takes great care to ensure that all products are packaged in a manner suitable for shipment.  Should damage nevertheless occur in an exceptional case, the customer is asked to complain about the transport damage immediately to the driver, to document the damage if possible (pictures, etc.), and to receive a confirmation from the driver. He should then contact the seller so that the seller can assert the claims against the transport company. You can find the contact options in the imprint. You may find further details on shipping and other related topics under the category "Shipping."   

1.9 For business customers, the following shall apply: Disruptions in the business operations of the Seller or its suppliers for which the Seller is not responsible, in particular strikes and lawful lockouts, as well as cases of force majeure, official interventions based on an unforeseeable event through no fault of the Seller, may prolong the delivery accordingly. Only if the bindingly promised delivery time is exceeded by more than 4 weeks shall the seller be in default. The business customer is only entitled to withdraw from the contract if in these cases he sends a written reminder for the delivery and this does not take place within a reasonable grace period to be set after receipt of the reminder letter from the business customer to the business customer. In the case of a delivery period specified in the calendar, the grace period to be set shall commence upon its expiry.

The statutory provisions on damages in lieu of performance shall remain unaffected.