At kitchendoors24.com we are committed to professional quality and high-quality service. Therefore we co-operate exclusively with enterprises, which satisfy our quality requirements. Since we want to maintain our high standard, we offer you an exclusive 10-year warranty on all our furniture fronts.

The scope of the kitchendoors24.com warranty

The 10-year guarantee is given exclusively on furniture parts sold by kitchendoors24.com. In the following sections, you will find further warranty regulations. All other contractual services, such as electrical appliances, furniture fittings (hinges, pull-outs, etc.) and other wearing parts, are subject to the statutory manufacturer's warranty.

General warranty conditions

The warranty begins with the invoice date. The invoice must be presented in the event of a warranty claim and must, therefore, be stored carefully—at least until the warranty period has expired.

The additional 10-year warranty is based on the purchase price of the order at kitchendoors24.com. If desired you can book it in addition to the standard warranty (2 years). The prices are as follows:

Purchase price

kitchendoors24.com guarantee
valued at

100 € bis 500 €

30 €

501 € bis 1000 €

50 €

1001 € bis 1500 €

75 €

1501 € bis 2000 €

100 €

2001 € bis 3000 €

150 €

3001 € bis 5000 €

200 €


If there is a warranty claim and kitchendoors24.com no longer has the product in stock, we offer you a product as a replacement, which is equal to the original in price and quality.

If we cannot offer such a replacement, kitchendoors24.com is entitled to compensate the damage with a monetary amount. The amount of such compensation may be determined by kitchendoors24.com at its sole discretion.

The warranty applies exclusively to the domestic use of the corresponding products.


Excluded from the warranty are:

  • Damage that was already known at the time of purchase.

  • Natural properties of real wood, such as mirrors, veins, warping, knots and cracks which may form in solid wood worktops and real wood doors. These are caused by growth and may form even after some time.

  • Damage caused by personal negligence, wear, tear, disregard of care instructions and improper handling and use.

  • Damage caused by an incorrect assembly and physical and chemical influences. Our assembly instructions, as well as the care and cleaning instructions, help to avoid these.

  • Damage caused by wetness, heat or strong exposure to light.

  • Traces of use that occur during conventional, everyday use.

  • Accompanying and consequential damage caused by improper use.

In case of a warranty claim, please contact us immediately. That is the only way we can repair the damage as quickly as possible. Our service staff will try to find the best solution together with you.