Payment methods

We offer the following payment methods for payments in our online store. These payment methods are secure and compliant with data protection regulations. Please note that each method might have a different transfer duration. As soon as we receive your payment, we will start production or shipping according to the delivery confirmation.


With this payment method, you receive all payment details as well as the payment amount in advance from us. You then make the transfer directly from your bank account. Please note that the transfer duration may vary between banks.

Credit Card

With this payment method, your credit card account is debited immediately after our confirmation. Depending on what credit card you use, either your checking account is debited or you will need to load the outstanding amount into your card account in advance.

Sofort Überweisung payment

You transfer money online using your personal PIN and a valid TAN with Sofort GmbH. This online payment system checks your transaction and then executes it on your behalf.


When paying via Paypal, you use a virtual account to send us your payment without any other account information or details. You must have a Paypal account and log in with your email address and password during the payment process to confirm the transaction.